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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Will Clean My Home?

I personally do all cleaning. Working solo means no rotating crew or people you don’t know coming into your home and personal space. Ensuring the highest quality cleaning!


Who Provides Cleaning Supplies? Are They "Eco Friendly"?

We provide all “Eco Friendly” cleaning products. All products are non-toxic safe for children, pets and the environment. Inhaling toxic cleaning products is un-healthy for humans and pets alike.


Who Provides a Vacuum Cleaner?

To avoid cross contamination between households; the client will provide vacuum cleaner. Cross contamination can not be avoided even with the best vacuums; therefore we do not use a common vacuum cleaner.


How May I Best Prepare For The Cleaning?

In order to maximize efficiency, we suggest that you pick up toys, clothing and other items to make the room cleaning accessible. Pre-Cleaning (picking up-straightening) availble as an add on service.


How Do You Gain Access To Our Home?

You would provide a key in advance of cleaning day. Or you could leave a key hidden near the door. It’s the client’s responsibility to insure access on cleaning day if we do not have a key in advance.


Do I Need To Be Home?

No not at all. We already have detailed notes about your space and preferences. We need to know how to access you home; but that would be arranged a head of time. Some of our clients are home on cleaning day; and that's great too!


How Does This Work For Your Specific Home and Needs?

All homes have different needs and preferences based family lifestyle, pets and other factors. Cleaning jobs and pricing are customized for each home based on the needs of the family.


How Do I Pay For Services?

Check or cash is preferable. Please make check out to: Pamela Gibellina


What If I Forget To Leave A Payment?

It does happen; your home will be cleaned on scheduled day without interuption.

Contact us or we will contact you to arrange for payment pick-up. Payment must be made immediately.


What Other Services Do You Provide?

Organizing and space de-cluttering. Changing sheets, making beds. Inside Fridge-Inside Oven. Folding clothes. Contact for pricing.



What If I Need To Cancel Or Reschedule?

For new clients we send text or emails reminders about 1 day before your scheduled cleaning. That gives you a heads up on cleaning date. As a courtesy we ask for 24 hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule. If you let us know the morning that means we’ve reserved a spot for you and turned down another client.  We reserve the right charge a fee, up to 50% of your cleaning rate which must be paid in full before your next cleaning. This would be evaluated for repeat last minute cancellations.



Contact Us Today!

Eco Custom Cleaning
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Phone: 503 744 0041


Hours of Operation: 

Mon thru Sunday

9am to 5pm


Offering Weekend Hours & Emergency Cleaning..





COVID-19 Update!!


During this emergency we have adopted safety measures to clean your home or business!


It's essential to keep your space clean and sanitized. We are accepting new clients as well as servicing our regular clients.


We use masks-face covering, gloves indoor shoes, and we keep the 6ft rule. If applicable room or areas should not be in use while cleaning.



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